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David Jones MP remembers Colwyn Bay

David Jones MP visited the area as a child, and has donated a photo and written down his memory of visiting Colwyn Bay for the Colwyn Bay Scrapbook project.

David Jones MP remembers:

“My earliest memory of Colwyn Bay was visiting with my mother as a very small boy.

“We were staying in Llandudno on a week’s holiday.  One day, my mother told me that she wanted to go to Colwyn Bay because ‘the shopping was better there’.

“We travelled on the tram from Llandudno.  This must have been the year that the service closed, in 1956.  I remember standing in Station Road and looking up at what seemed to be towering red-brick buildings.  The street was full of shoppers and the shop windows were full of goods on display.

“Station Road has seen some difficult times since then, but I am pleased that it is now improving, helped enormously by the regeneration efforts of the Borough Council.”

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